Geelong carport just awesome!

February 27, 2015 | Carports, Single carport | 0 comments | Author:

Sometime the mark of a successful outdoor project is more a case of what you don’t see as much as what you do. Take the case of this new carport in the Geelong suburb of Newtown. The owners wanted a … Continued

1 + 1 = 2 – The answer to your pergola questions

February 24, 2015 | Deck design, Decking, Hardwood deck, Pergolas, Patios, Verandahs | 0 comments | Author:

If you’re considering adding a new pergola to your house but are unsure about a range of options, an answer might be to do what this family in Melbourne’s Western suburbs did… Build two pergolas! The modern contemporary project was … Continued

7 good reasons to install roller shutters

February 13, 2015 | Roll-up Shutters | 0 comments | Author:

While there are many good reasons to install roller shutters on your house, apartment or unit, up until recently aesthetics wasn’t one of them. But with the range of roller shutters you can install with Outside Concepts, you can now … Continued

Outside Concepts does small projects too!

February 09, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments | Author:

When customers think about Outside Concepts they generally consider the large projects we specialise in– such as designing and building carports, decks, verandahs and pergolas. But we also do small projects and can help clients by repairing existing outside structures. … Continued

New branch for South East Brisbane

February 06, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments | Author:

Outside Concepts has a new branch in South East Brisbane and a new team member. Carl Robinson joins Outside Concepts with experience in renovating and building his own properties. The passion started when Carl and his wife Riona bought and … Continued

Summer back on track with outdoor blinds

February 03, 2015 | Outdoor blinds / Cafe blinds | 0 comments | Author:

Like many parts of Australia, summer in Busselton, Western Australia, can be scorching, making outdoor living somewhat challenging for us mere mortals. But the answer to your heat problems won’t be found by the air conditioner indoors, it can be … Continued

A roof with a difference

January 31, 2015 | Insulated roof panels, Pergolas, Patios, Verandahs | 0 comments | Author:

Sure, Colorbond roofing, tiled roofs and polycarbonate roofing are all good, but what if you’re looking for something a bit different for your outdoor structure? These days, there are a wide variety of roofing options for you to consider, depending … Continued

I can see clearly now…

January 25, 2015 | Pergolas, Patios, Verandahs, Polycarbonate roofing | 0 comments | Author:

The introduction of clear roofing sheets solved an age-old problem of how to have an economical roof for protection from the elements while still letting plenty of light in. But the first clear roofing products weren’t particularly good. They tended … Continued

Tiled roofing an historical choice

January 19, 2015 | Pergolas, Patios, Verandahs, Tiled roof carport | 0 comments | Author:

While roofing tiles are regularly used on modern buildings, including outdoor structures, the history of the roofing tile can be traced back a long time, in fact nearly 5000 years ago! Back then, in Neolithic China, the first known clay … Continued

Roofing steeped in history

January 13, 2015 | Colorbond metal roofing, Pergolas, Patios, Verandahs | 0 comments | Author:

Nearly half of all new homes built in Australia have roofs made from Colorbond steel, so if you’re thinking of installing Colorbond on your new outdoor structure, or using it to replace your current roof, you’re joining a large club! … Continued


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